Bespoke reflexology treatments which can help with anxiety and stress, hormonal imbalances, fertility, chronic illness, pain & inflammation and so much more.

What is Reflexology?

It’s a non-invasive, science-based complementary therapy, which works alongside conventional medical care to help the body to re-balance and begin its own healing process. It is an effective way of improving mental and physical wellbeing.

Reflexology is based on the premise that the feet are a map of the body. Stimulating specific areas can produce physiological changes in the body helping to aid relaxation, restore energy levels, improve circulation, reduce tension and stress, improve mood and promote an overall sense of wellbeing

How can Reflexology help?

Reflexology is for everyone, it can be used as a preventative therapy to mitigate the effects of stress and maintain good health and wellbeing, or be used to help cope with a chronic illness or an acute condition.

Many people find that following a treatment their specific symptoms are alleviated, also they feel very relaxed and less stressed, they sleep better and their overall sense of wellbeing and mood improves.

Stress can manifest itself in many ways causing illness and physical and emotional problems.  Reflexology is an excellent therapy to help reduce stress, helping to balance the body’s mechanisms and free the mind up to work more effectively.

Reflexology: Our Approach

Julie Acton


Your first appointment will last around 80 minutes, subsequent treatments will be 50 minutes.

Your first treatment will include a medical consultation, and determine what you want to achieve from your session. It is followed by a comprehensive reflexology treatment, working all systems of the body. I will then be able to create a bespoke treatment plan based on my findings and your personal needs, ready for your next appointment.

I recommend for maximum benefit, a course of 6 weekly treatments after which some people like to book in for a monthly maintenance session.

However if you are purely looking to experience one session of Reflexology for self-care or stress management, much benefit can also be gained from this.

Specialist Training

I have specialist training in the following areas; fertility, pregnancy, dealing with chronic illness (reducing pain, inflammation, boosting auto immune deficiencies), PTSD, menopause and lymph drainage.

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Member of the Association of Reflexologists and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Let reflexology help bring balance to your mind, body and spirit.

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