Welcome to Soul Collective

We offer a hybrid of therapeutic approaches and understand that healing takes on many forms.
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We are Soul Collective

No one person responds to just one approach to healing so we have developed, and will continue to develop, a service where clients can access a multi-faceted approach to their wellness. At Soul Collective we offer the more traditional approaches such as psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, meditation and stress management, to approaches that encompass energetic ways of healing such as Reiki.

Our Story
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How we can help you

We are able to help you on a psychological, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual levels, dependent on your need.

All Services
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“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”
- Carl Rogers
“Man is what he believes.”
- Anton Chekhov
“Happiness has a profound effect on the body.”
- Soul Collective
“Physical health is a reflection of your emotional state.”
- Soul Collective
“You cannot move forward by repetitively thinking thoughts that hold you back.”
- Carl Rogers
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How it Works

Book an initial free session to meet your chosen therapist and discuss your needs
We'll give you time to go away and consider what has been discussed
Get in touch to book your next appointment and start your healing journey
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Continual Professional Development for you

This enables us to work with you in a variety of ways which are all focussed on your recovery and well-being and great mental health. Included in our personal development is clinical supervision where our therapists will attend monthly to debrief, consult about the ways in which they are working, again to make sure we are working with you in the most beneficial way for your health. It is a professional requirement to attend clinical supervision and your details are kept anonymous unless there is a disclosure concern.

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Everyone has the right and the ability to feel well.

Let us show you how with a free 30 minute consultation