We are here for you, no matter what.

At Soul Collective we offer a hybrid of therapeutic approaches and understand that healing takes on many forms.

Your wellbeing is our focus

Bringing years of experience to your service, our passion is wellbeing whichever way you would like to approach it.  We can help via traditional therapy approaches, via more holistic approaches or a combination. Why not view all our services that we currently offer.

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Offering a solution that is personalised to you

Feeling better can be a complicated business and we can feel unsure of where to start.  Why not allow us to create a health prescription for you. First, you will need an initial assessment so that we can understand your needs better. We will then design a path to wellness for you and explain the aspects that we feel you will benefit from.

A bespoke service, designed purely for you.

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Our Guiding Principles

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Everyone has the right and the ability to feel well.

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Healing takes on many forms.

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Guide you through your journey for optimal results.

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Continual professional development to grow and learn.


We are able to help you on a psychological, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual levels, dependent on your need.

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An all-in-one solution
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Personalised for your wellbeing
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Your health is our focus

Our amazing team

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Hypnotherapy Specialist

Louise Ford

Hypnotherapy, Hypno-birthing, Hypnosis for fertility, meditation classes, Relaxation with sound bowl classes, sound bowl relaxation. Delivery of anxiety and stress management workshops.

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Integrative Psychotherapy

Nikki Heaton Bennett

The Healing Trauma Therapist, bringing an integrative approach to counselling psychotherapy.  Working with adults and young people on a one-to-one basis. Works with and has worked with, private referrals, schools, police, employment assisted programmes, corporate organisations, small to medium businesses.

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Integrative PsychoTherapist

Natalie Dyson

Natalie brings professional, integrative psychotherapy for adults and young people. Offering a safe, non-judgemental place where clients can truly be themselves.

Flexible therapeutic approaches for a multitude of concerns, focused on finding solutions.

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Clinical Reflexologist

Julie Acton

Bespoke reflexology treatments for adults and children. Reflexology can help with; anxiety and stress, hormonal balance, fertility, chronic illness and so much more.

Let reflexology bring balance to your mind, body and spirit.

Our Code

We follow the code of ethics of the National Council of Psychotherapists and the Complimentary National Healthcare Council as well as the General Hypnotherapy Register, which means that anything you say is completely confidential unless we believe you or another person is at risk of harm, equally should you declare an act of terrorism, drug trafficking or forced marriage then we are bound by ethics and law to disclose this information.

Should you see either therapist out in the community we will continue our code of confidentiality by not acknowledging you, this is to protect your privacy and ensuring you can continue about your daily life without discomfort. Under the GDPR guidelines, we keep basic information for a client for 5 years, this is then destroyed and your therapist will explain this to you upon your appointment.

Feel better, live authentically, and perform at your fullest.

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