Akashic Connective

Connect with yourself on the level of your soul.

The Akashic Record can be seen as a vast limitless database or library, which holds the history and learning of every soul created.

What is Akashic Connective?

Our souls’ records are located within a limitless space and time, where we can gaze through the veil of reality and search this infinite database of our souls. The information passed on will help you to understand your soul’s characteristics, purpose, lessons and wounds and lead you towards full healing on a soul level.

The Akashic Record is not so much outside of our awareness but an integral part of our very existence, a subtle and elusive part of the essence of life.

Akashic Connective: Our Approach

Louise can enter your Akashic Records, allowing her to access limitless knowledge from within, bringing back to you the experience, memories and healing gleaned from the lifetime of your soul

With Louise’s assistance you can access the essence of your soul’s information from within the Akashic Records:

  • Discover the origin and characteristics of your soul
  • Learn your soul‘s purpose
  • Uncover your elemental lessons for this lifetime
  • Remove any blocks and start to heal the wounds from many lifetimes
  • Resolve karmic and ancestral ties that have bound

Everyone has the right and the ability to feel well.

Let us show you how with a short treatment to re-energise and re-focus you.